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my name is sheldon

I am a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer—living in Vancouver BC Canada—specializing in Brand Identity Creation.

I work with entrepreneurs & boutique agencies—designing creative & strategic visual communications—towards shaping and expressing irresistible brands.

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Mon Jour

brand identity design

In working closely with the entrepreneur team—acting as brand identity consultant, art director, graphic designer, writer—I was able to provide the brand an identity, including; the brand name, brand logotype, a brand trademark / symbol, brand imagery & graphic, typographic system applied to website, business communication collateral, and digital trade-show signage.

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brand identity design

Recently launched, Macfanatic’s renewed brand identity—leveraging the heritage of the original brand imagery & customer experience, as well serving to clarify the brands’ vision, purpose & core messages—allowing us to define a valuable & unique positioning. My role with Macfanatic has been as brand & market strategy consultant, art director, illustrator, graphic & web designer.

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Be Simple Co.

brand identity design

BE SIMPLE CO. is a start-up boutique holistic wellness studio, offering a new path to health & wellness—by providing a unique combination of Pilates & Nutrition—integrating the essential movement, breath, nourishment, and rest.

Working closely with the proprietor, I would act as brand and design consultant, help to destill and define the Brand Meaning, as well as design the Visual Identity through a system of symbol, type + image, and build a responsive website to reinforce the brand position.

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West Rock

trademark + wordmark

West Rock, an aggregates & natural resource start-up in Western Canada, needed help shaping their individuality—creating a perception, to influence and persuade their audience—in order to position themselves in the minds of their targets, where they can be recognized, trusted and most importantly chosen.

I was contracted as a freelance brand identity consultant—to provide creative direction & design—from brand naming to defining a conceptual visual approach to telling their brand story.

My Approach

strategic x creative x design

I thrive on assimilating design + art + marketing ideology into defining a strategic conceptual approach towards solving the visual communication tasks, and business challenges at hand.

I enjoy working closely with my clients and other creatives—identifying and understanding needs, objectives & opportunities—in order to develop, communicate and translate concept and vision into compelling brand identity, advertising & marketing collateral.

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1 School 1 Day

non-profit visual id

1S1D’s past visual identity was disconnected from the image of the imagine1day charity, not to mention disparate from the emotional power both the cause and the event holds for all involved, potentially limiting the support of the mindful & fashionable audience.

The proposed direction for refreshed online visual identity would lead with the cause, but appeal to the desire of the participants to be fit, and have fun with like minded people. We focused on micro-site with clear value prop and call-to-actions, including revitalized icon, image & type.

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Wendy Eyton

brand identity design

Wendy—an exceptional teacher, yogi & mindful business entrepreneur—required a personal brand identity to encompass her distinct biodynamic vision, which would represent her approach, expertise and intentions. Working closely, we were able to articulate a visual/aesthetic system to express her unique conceptual approach to mindful business.

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Lo Elliott

multi-media presentation

Lo Elliot contracted Macfanatic to build a digital display installation, in the reception area of their Prince George headquarters, to be used for in-house multi-media marketing.

I was sub-contracted to produce the on-brand creative for the digital wall. I would be in charge of adapting the website form & content to fit into the 2x landscape (1980×1080 px) grouped monitors. The team requested a keynote presentation template which would allow for advanced animations with easy edibility for updates.

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  • port_Logo-design_RealStock
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  • port_Logo-design_Westrock-bison
  • port_Logo-design_ELLPI-LM
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  • port_Logo-design_monjour
  • port_Logo-design_MVP
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  • port_Logo-design_Learn-Daylite
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trademarks, symbols and logotypes

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Ms Vee Productions

brand identity design

Brand identity creation for B-Girl / Choreographer extraordinaire, Val “Ms Vee” Ho. Representing Brooklyn, NYC [birthplace of hiphop]—with straight vigor, a deep rap-sheet, and tons of street-cred—when its poplin’ off, you can be sure she is in the mix.

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non-profit print design

SFU’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development approached myself to help them design a clear & concise presentation tool—summarizing the concept, value & success stories of the CED (Community Economic Development) program in Bolivia—in order to aid in procuring sponsorship & support.

Working closely with the program directors we were able to develop a communication tool that helped them gain the funding required to expand the program into new communities in developing countries.

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Learn OmniFocus

visual id + ui design

Learn OmniFocus is an online learning site concerned with providing video tutorials, webinars, and articles that teach you how to get the most from the powerful OmniFocus app on a practical level.

After having worked with the entrepreneur team to develop Learn Daylite, I was approached to provide the visual identity for the new Learn OmniFocus site, including the style guide, typography, colours, logos, icons, and graphics to great a consistent and distinct design language.

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PTM Talent

web design + dev

Premiere Talent Agency representing North America’s top actors and voice-over artists in the film, animation and advertising industries, need an update to their online presence that would support their position.

I designed and built a responsive website, full of customized graphics and typography on the WordPress platform, as well as provided Google Webmaster Services. As well as refreshed the look of their brand to provided the professional contemporary image inline with their brand.

My Perspective

design as business solution

From my perspective; graphic design, art direction & brand identity design are first and foremost business solutions, to greater perception, identification & communication challenges.

The way I see it—especially in today’s ultra dynamic, transparent and competitive landscape—the strategic personification of your business, via the design of identity, services, messages and processes are fundamental to the long-term successes of every business.

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  • port_Typo-design_MSC-proposal
  • port_Typo-design_MSC-proposalbig
  • port_Typo-design_MCS-sales
  • port_Typo-design_bohten
  • port_Typo-design_biodynamic1


advertising, brochure, editorial

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ideograms, pictograms, diagrams

  • port_Illustration_droplets-flowers
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  • port_Illustration_lions-x-gate
  • port_Illustration_panerai
  • port_Illustration_turbine-noise
  • port_Illustration_paris-rose
  • port_Illustration_orchids-pink
  • port_Illustration-ms-vee_boombox
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  • port_Illustration_travelling


illustration, photography, vector, pixels

My Passion

what i can do for your business

The solution will always be to design and produce effective, on-target, visual communication—be it a website, brochure or visual identity—however, it is only in uncovering and defining the true challenge & opportunity at hand, that enables us to produce touch-points & marketing materials, that truly instigate valuable & meaningful connections for your audience, and provide real advantage to your brand.

Branding & Communication Design

My strength is in visually articulating brand stories—crafting perception via brand identity, developing brand messages, and applying the system to collateral and marketing material, across online & print media.

Branding empowers businesses of all shapes & sizes to position their service or product for success, by framing and solidifying the perception which the audience holds of the brand in their mind.

Your audience will organize, categorize and prioritize your brand in their psyche, based on the information they have gathered from the outward expression and portrayal of the brand. It is this communication of image & message, which provides clues to the value, quality, style, and personality of the brand—this is your brand identity.

Graphic Design & Typography

Through the development of appropriate visual language your brand can speak with an authentic and relevant tone, in order to directly engage with your audience, form a bond, build trust and ultimately influence—driving their decision to choose your brand above any other.

This visual language, communicated through the collective image created by the brand identity portrays the service or product as relating to a value, mood, quality, style and personality which the audience relates to, identifies with, and strive to be themselves.

It is the combination of design elements, image, type, colour, composition, etc. which builds and reinforces the visual language, which ultimately forms the perception the audience has of the brand, service or product.

Creative Direction & Strategy

I believe design should primarily function well—inform, communicate messages, and engage users/readers, provoking thought and action.

Furthermore, design should provide identification and convey desired perception—be it; high-value, trust, personality or style—through clarity, detail, simplicity, and beauty.

Influencing your audience to believe intuitively; that your services or products are irreplaceable—is an advantage worth investment.

The ability to position your business for success, based on the look & feel of your brand—as perceived through visual language, personality & image—is an asset beyond measure.

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