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my name is sheldon

I am a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer—living between Lillooet and Vancouver BC Canada—specializing in Brand Identity Design.

I work with entrepreneurs & boutique agencies—designing creative & strategic communications—towards shaping and expressing irresistible experiences.

My Expertise

meaning + value + experience

I help small-businesses and start-ups get to the core of their brand meaning; distill & express the value behind the brand concept; develop a brand identity that will fortify their distinct brand positioning; and create an experience—via the design of communications, services, website, products, printed collateral, and packaging—that will both engage and deliver value to the audience.

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Holistic Productivity

brand identity design

Holistic Productivity, is the ambitious vision of it’s founder, Tim Stringer: to present the roadmap, tools and platform to provide opportunities for people to connect face-to-face, and to engage in learning and mutual support, towards a more productive and fulfilling life. With its teachings based on hundreds of years of clarity and practice, combined with the practical guidance for applying these teaching in our modern lives.

Our task would be to design an information architecture to communicate the brand value; and provide a face for the platform; craft the art direction, and create a visual identity to support the vision.

I was the creative lead on this project, responsible for: Brand Consulting, Strategic Brand Image, Photographic and Art Direction, Visual Identity Design, Typography, as well as Web Design & Dev.

We worked to expand upon the brand narrative, to build a structure for the telling the brand story, and communicating the value in the platform and services offered. We started by working to define the brand purpose and positioning, in order to develop a verbal language, which we would later translate into a visual language. I would later build-out the brand visual identity, and direction, and design the online brand story experience.

  • MCS-Microsite-01
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web design

The Macfanatic team came to me to renew their online identity & presence, which we had built for them almost a decade earlier!

We needed to refresh the form and content of the site, to not only reflect their evolution towards human-centred approach to IT, managed-services and digital coaching, but also present their highly specialized and refined offerings in order to communicate the value to the audience.

Based on the findings from our discovery phase, I would provide the Art Direction to translate their aspirations and actions into the concept and strategic visual goals for the design solution.

Next, I would develop a Visual Language with Key Design Ingredients chosen for their ability to visually support the design concept and direction, and present their highly differentiated services, in a way which would again redefine the category.

I was responsible for developing the strategic approach to communicate the meaning & value behind their brand concept and purpose.

I worked-out the Information Architecture to bring cohesion between form and content, and deliver their key messages. I designed the user experience to reinforce the brand onliness; develop the web typographic and colour system; build the working prototype, and develop into the refined website.

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Nuez Nutmilk

brand identity design

Lauren, the founder of Nuez, came to me with a common challenge—she had an awesome product, in a unique niche, and was driven by real purpose & vision—the only issue being that her current packaging / identity did not reflect these truths.

The real task would be in articulating the brand story, sharing the intention, quality & advantages in offerings, and communicating this difference & value to the target.

The first step would be discovering what it is that makes Nuez Nutmilks so special.

From discussion and words came understanding, meaning, and value. Our findings would inform the artistic direction, core messaging and visual icons developed as part of the new Nuez brand identity design.

I was the creative lead on this project, responsible for: Brand Consulting, Strategic Direction, Writing, Brand Identity Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Typography, Packaging & Graphic Design, as well as Web Design & Dev.

Photography by TristanCasey.com

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brand identity design

Nicholas came to me with a brilliant idea—based on his personal findings from years of study & practice—he wanted to share the simple techniques & profound benefits of meditation, with the masses.

From this idea, arose an equally as bold challenge. How do we define & shape the offering, in order to deliver real meaning & value to the audience—via a service so shrouded in spirituality, mysticism, and inherently intangible.

True to most-all service brand identity challenges, I was hired to make the intangible, tangible—thru the development of a verbal & visual communication system, we would translate the value in his approach to mediation, and make it relevant and accessible to the audience.

I lead the project from concept to implementation, providing: Strategic Direction, Writing, Brand Naming, Brand Identity Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Typography, Web Design & Dev.

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brand identity design

Macfanatic is an Apple Consultants Firm in Vancouver BC Canada, est. 2007.

I have worked closely with the Macfanatic team since their inception, directing brand communications & creative.

In late 2011, we began a full brand identity design—to refresh the brand visuals, get back to their customer-centric roots, as well as work to refocus the core brand essence, purpose & vision.

We would radically differentiate Macfanatic from all other IT firms—developing the simple, yet powerful brand concept: “in a world of overwhelming IT, we focus on people”.

Carving out a unique positioning for Macfanatic—shifting focus from home-users, to the growing Apple small-business segment—targeting organizations for whom the POD would resonate, and the VP would justify the investment.

In partnership with the founder, I would provide Strategic Direction, Brand Consultation, Service Design, Art Direction, Writing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design & Dev.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Team by Justin Frost. Office by Tristan Casey.

ICON DESIGN: The famous “Happy Mac” icon was designed in 1984, by the pioneering iconographer Susan Kare.

  • portfolio_monjour_id_mark-lrg
  • MonJour_Identity_LogoMark
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Mon Jour

brand identity design

Mon Jour is a Bridal Beauty Specialist & Consultancy in Vancouver, BC Canada (est. 2013)—who’s promise is to fulfill a brides’ dream of being her most perfect, beautiful self, on her big day.

Mon Jour is focusing on each brides’ unique vision for herself on her wedding day, and providing the complete range of beauty services (hair, makeup & styling) in order to bring that dream to fruition.

In working closely with the entrepreneur team, and acting as creative lead, I was able to provide their brand an identity, including; the brand name, logotype, trademark, brand imagery, graphic & typographic system, website design & dev, as well as business communication collateral & digital trade-show signage.


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  • port_Logo-design_Westrock-bison
  • port_Logo-design_ELLPI-LM
  • port_Logo-design_Journeymen
  • port_Logo-design_Nuez
  • port_Logo-design_Brightspeed-onDark
  • port_Logo-design_RE
  • port_Logo-design_ELLPI-LT
  • port_Logo-design_monjour
  • port_Logo-design_WendyEyton
  • port_Logo-design_Be-Simple-Co-01-01
  • port_Logo-design_MVP
  • port_Logo-design_Macfanatic
  • port_Logo-design_RealStock
  • port_Logo-design_WRock
  • port_Logo-design_Guest-House-blk-01
  • port_Logo-design_Learn-Daylite
  • port_Logo-design_PFAB
  • port_Logo-design_GoodGoods-01


trademarks, symbols and logotypes

My Approach

strategic x creative x design

I thrive on assimilating design + art + marketing ideology into defining a strategic conceptual approach towards solving the visual communication tasks, and business challenges at hand.

I enjoy working closely with my clients and other creatives—identifying and understanding needs, objectives & opportunities—in order to develop, communicate and translate concept and vision into compelling brand identity, service design, packaging, printed or digital asset.

  • port_packaging-design_PB-BL2
  • port_packaging-design_petit-bouquet-rev
  • port_packaging-design_JM-fam
  • port_packaging-design_nuez


packaging as identity

  • BeSimple_behance_folio-27
  • BeSimple_behance_folio-26
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  • BeSimple_behance_folio-29
  • BeSimple_behance_folio-03
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  • BeSimple_behance_folio-25
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Be Simple Co.

brand identity design

BE SIMPLE CO. is a start-up boutique holistic wellness studio, offering a new path to health & wellness—by providing a unique combination of Pilates & Nutrition—integrating the essential movement, breath, nourishment, and rest.

Working closely with the proprietor, I would act as brand and design consultant, help to define and articulate the brand meaning; design the visual identity through a system of symbol, type + image; as well as design and build a responsive website to reinforce the brand position.

  • 1S1D-Web_blog_folio-02
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1 School 1 Day

non-profit visual id

1S1D’s past visual identity was disconnected from the image of the imagine1day charity, not to mention disparate from the emotional power both the cause and the event holds for all involved, potentially limiting the support of the mindful & fashionable audience.

The proposed direction for refreshed online visual identity would lead with the cause, but appeal to the desire of the participants to be fit, and have fun with like minded people. We focused on micro-site with clear value prop and call-to-actions, including revitalized icon, image & type.

  • port_WestRock_ID-LM-white_trans
  • port_WestRock_ID-LT-white_trans
  • port_WestRock-IDtransSig
  • port_WestRock_ID-LM-drkblu_trans1

West Rock

trademark + wordmark

West Rock, an aggregates & natural resource start-up in Western Canada, needed help shaping their individuality—creating a perception, to influence and persuade their audience—in order to position themselves in the minds of their targets, where they can be recognized, trusted and most importantly chosen.

I was contracted as a freelance brand identity consultant to provide creative direction & design—from brand naming to defining a conceptual visual approach to telling their brand story.

  • port_Typo-design_ST-editorial
  • port_Typo-design_ST-catalog
  • port_Typo-design_ST-product-lrg
  • port_Typo-design_MSC-proposal
  • port_Typo-design_MSC-proposalbig
  • port_Typo-design_MCS-sales
  • port_Typo-design_bohten
  • port_Typo-design_biodynamic1


advertising, brochure, editorial

My Perspective

design as business solution

Art direction, graphic & brand identity design are first and foremost business solutions, to greater perception, identification & communication challenges.

The way I see it—especially in today’s ultra dynamic, transparent and competitive landscape—the strategic personification of your brand, via the design of identity, services, messages, and experiences are vital to the brand-customer relationship, and fundamental for the long-term successes of every business.

  • port_TYPE-design-1-01
  • port_TYPE-design-3b
  • port_TYPE-design-2-01
  • port_TYPE-design-3a
  • port_TYPE-design-4-01
  • port_TYPE-design-5-01
  • port_TYPE-design-6-01
  • port_TYPE-design-7-01
  • port_TYPE-design-8-01
  • port_TYPE-design-9-01
  • port_TYPE-design-10-01


alphabet glyph exploration

  • port_Icon-design_stormtech
  • port_Icon-design_goodmind
  • port_Icon-design_Nuez1
  • port_Icon-design_Nuez2
  • port_Icon-design_learnOF1
  • port_Icon-design_learnOF2
  • port_Icon-design_MCS-2
  • port_Icon-design_MCS-4
  • port_Icon-design_MCS-3


ideograms, pictograms, diagrams

  • port_Illustration_droplets-flowers
  • port_Illustration_magenta-ghost-blk
  • port_Illustration_lions-x-gate
  • port_Illustration_panerai
  • port_Illustration_turbine-noise
  • port_Illustration_paris-rose
  • port_Illustration_orchids-pink
  • port_Illustration-ms-vee_boombox
  • port_Illustration_nouveau-flowers
  • port_Illustration_bridge-web-1
  • port_Illustration_travelling


illustration, photography, vector, pixels

My Passion

what i can do for your business

The solution will always be to design and produce effective, on-target, visual communication—be it a website, brochure or visual identity—however, it is only in uncovering and defining the true challenge & opportunity at hand, that enables us to produce touch-points & marketing materials, that truly instigate valuable & meaningful connections for your audience, and provide real advantage to your brand.

Branding & Communication Design

My strength is in visually articulating brand stories—crafting perception via brand identity, developing brand messages, and applying the system to collateral and marketing material, across online & print media.

Branding empowers businesses of all shapes & sizes to position their service or product for success, by framing and solidifying the perception which the audience holds of the brand in their mind.

Your audience will organize, categorize and prioritize your brand in their psyche, based on the information they have gathered from the outward expression and portrayal of the brand. It is this communication of image & message, which provides clues to the value, quality, style, and personality of the brand—this is your brand identity.

Graphic Design & Typography

Through the development of appropriate visual language your brand can speak with an authentic and relevant tone, in order to directly engage with your audience; form a bond; build trust; and ultimately influence—driving their decision to choose your brand above any other.

This visual language, communicated through the collective image/messages thru by the brand identity portray the service or product as relating to a value, mood, quality, style and personality which the audience relates to, identifies with, and strive to be themselves.

It is the combination of design elements, image, type, colour, composition, etc. which builds and reinforces the visual language, which ultimately forms the perception the audience has of the brand, service or product.

Creative Direction & Strategy

I believe design should primarily function well—inform, communicate messages, and engage users/readers, provoking thought and action.

Furthermore, design should provide identification and convey desired perception—be it, high-value; trust; personality; or style—through clarity, detail, simplicity, and beauty.

Influencing your audience to believe intuitively that your services or products are irreplaceable, is an advantage worth investment.

The ability to position your business for success, based on the look & feel of your brand—as perceived through visual language, personality & image—is an asset beyond measure.

Let’s Connect Today


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