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Tasteful & CourageousLeaders + Small Teams in WELLNESS, FOOD, & TECHNOLOGY.


A Discerning Brand-Thinking Visual Imagineer. They say, I have a “way with words,” “keen eye for detail” and “diverse aesthetic sense."


Rare Harmony of Logic + Intuition. I unite business & brand strategy with art direction, identity design and storytelling — to captivate the audience's imagination; express the unique value in the concept; package an irresistible offering; and craft meaningful experiences.


I Empower Daring Founders & Ambitious Team to confidently navigate the Brand Design process. With focus, clarity, and charm, we breathe purpose and fire into brand expression; to weave a meaningful story; embody aspirational identity, and create enchanting soul-stirring experiences that transform business intention into customer value, belief & meaning.

Learn more about my evolved approach to crafting expressive brands and experiences, bringing together a methodology to brand strategy, identity and a language of vision to communicate a distinct and valuable positioning. →


 Brand Strategy & Design 

Fascinated by the power of myth, the psychology of vision, and how our minds work to perceive and assign meaning within this visual reality. Obsessed with the origins of humanity, our forgotten past, and the mystery of the cosmos. Captured by the divine intelligence of nature, creation, and how this Earth nourishes us in so many ways. Questioning everything, in search of truth & meaning. Searching for knowledge of self, on my own hermetic journey. I believe music is the healing & unifying force of the universe — it holds a special place in my spirit.
Studying biodynamic farming, philosophy, natural-building, design & culture. Endlessly inspired by the mountains & woods, flowing water, beholding the overwhelming diversity and visual beauty of nature.
Design Heros: Armin Hoffman, Jost Hochuli, Ludwig Hohlwein, Rajane Dal Dello, Robert Bringhurst, Astrid Stavro, Feixen. Brand Heros: David A Aaker, Marty Neumeier, Debbie Millman, Mike Moser, Sasha Strauss, Grant McCracken, Donald Miller. Thinking Heros: Vandana Shiva, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Seth Godin, John Vervaeke, Zac Bush. Creative Heros: Leonardo Da Vinci, Hilma Af Klimt, Oliviero Tuscani, Edward Tufte, Bernard Thor.

“What is Said Determines Who Listens and Who Understands.”

Tibor Kalman