Packaging Direction

We developed and designed a bold simple brand label presentation, with emphasis on the large product name, straight-forward naming convention and typography — which would lead us to growing a defining product and identity, as the face of product on the shelf. Simple sophistication, invisible design details, and self-expressive story-copy would help us to stand apart from the other brands in the category.

We would add the product story, with long-copy detailing What is Fermentation? and Why Fermentation? As well as outline Why Pure Earth Superfoods, outlining our mission and purpose and vision. These statements allow the reader to clearly understand what we are doing specifically, how we are different, and what our vision for a better future is.

The composition of the label, the typography, the ivory uncoated card stock and black-ink only printing, all speak in a voice, with a personality — as a whole would have to reflect the integrity and transparency in sourcing and production, should embody the farmer, the feeling of being straight from the farm, back-to-the-earth revival of local organic, honest and hard-working fermented veggies.

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