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Nuez Nutmilk

brand identity design

Lauren, the founder of Nuez, came to me with a common challenge—she had an awesome product, in a unique niche, and was driven by real purpose & vision—the only issue being that her current packaging / identity did not reflect these truths.

The real task would be in articulating the brand story, sharing the intention, quality & advantages in offerings, and communicating this difference & value to the target.

The first step would be discovering what it is that makes Nuez Nutmilks so special.

From discussion and words came understanding, meaning, and value. Our findings would inform the artistic direction, core messaging and visual icons developed as part of the new Nuez brand identity design.

I was the creative lead on this project, responsible for: Brand Consulting, Strategic Direction, Writing, Brand Identity Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Typography, Packaging & Graphic Design, as well as Web Design & Dev.

Photography by TristanCasey.com