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web design

The Macfanatic team came to me to renew their online identity & presence, which we had built for them almost a decade earlier!

We needed to refresh the form and content of the site, to not only reflect their evolution towards human-centred approach to IT, managed-services and digital coaching, but also present their highly specialized and refined offerings in order to communicate the value to the audience.

Based on the findings from our discovery phase, I would provide the Art Direction to translate their aspirations and actions into the concept and strategic visual goals for the design solution.

Next, I would develop a Visual Language with Key Design Ingredients chosen for their ability to visually support the design concept and direction, and present their highly differentiated services, in a way which would again redefine the category.

I was responsible for developing the strategic approach to communicate the meaning & value behind their brand concept and purpose.

I worked-out the Information Architecture to bring cohesion between form and content, and deliver their key messages. I designed the user experience to reinforce the brand onliness; develop the web typographic and colour system; build the working prototype, and develop into the refined website.