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Holistic Productivity

brand identity design

Holistic Productivity, is the ambitious vision of it’s founder, Tim Stringer: to present the roadmap, tools and platform to provide opportunities for people to connect face-to-face, and to engage in learning and mutual support, towards a more productive and fulfilling life. With its teachings based on hundreds of years of clarity and practice, combined with the practical guidance for applying these teaching in our modern lives.

Our task would be to design an information architecture to communicate the brand value; and provide a face for the platform; craft the art direction, and create a visual identity to support the vision.

I was the creative lead on this project, responsible for: Brand Consulting, Strategic Brand Image, Photographic and Art Direction, Visual Identity Design, Typography, as well as Web Design & Dev.

We worked to expand upon the brand narrative, to build a structure for the telling the brand story, and communicating the value in the platform and services offered. We started by working to define the brand purpose and positioning, in order to develop a verbal language, which we would later translate into a visual language. I would later build-out the brand visual identity, and direction, and design the online brand story experience.